"...Andy Dog appeared like a meteor above the London pop art world of the early eighties. Before Damien Hirst and Jamie Hewlett and while the Chapman brothers were still playing with lego there was Andy Dog. An affable and outspoken East Ender, he quickly ripped through the flaccid underbelly of the complacent bourgeois illustration scene producing a body of jagged and spikily confrontational work completely unlike anything being produced by his contemporaries.  He enjoyed his fifteen minutes of notoriety, courted by some of the biggest selling artistes of the period (fruitlessly - he rejected most of them).  But by the beginning of the nineties, after a series of personal reverses,  he withdrew from it all, seeming to become jaded and disillusioned. He left London for good, destination unknown. He is believed to be leading a quiet and penitent existence somewhere in the heart of the English countryside... "
- Hunter Tremayne, Kidz Stuff 2005.

'Andy Dog' was my counter-cultural alter-ego in the 1980's and '90's. The piece 'Shock Tactics' fills in the background to those times and I've included two galleries of selected bits and pieces including many of The The sleeves.









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